10 fun things to do in DC

10 fun things to do in DC

I love Washington DC; it is one of my favorite vacation destinations. Well, I have some amazing family and friends in DC but what attracts me most is the rich culture and the multiple options of things to do in DC. It is so fantastic that I can spend a whole day at only one landmark exploring and learning about the place and next day I am off to visit another wonderful place. There are day and night tours, walking tours and bus tours available. You can also go on a bicycle tour, doesn’t that sound like fun? So this is my list of ten fun things you have to do during your next visit to DC.

Visit the White House

You can take advantage of your visit to see the great White House where many powerful decisions are made. White House tours are specially planned, and you can view the interior parts of the important rooms within the public areas.

The National Air Space Museum

At this museum, you will learn about the interesting events and developments in the American space and explorations field. You will have a great time viewing old space crafts, and other interesting items at the museum.

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural Heritage

Established in 1846, this museum is regarded as the largest museum for the collection of natural history and artifacts. You can find rare diamonds, ancient human specimens, spectacular images of American history, birds, etc.

The Octagon House

If you admire architecture, you will find the octagon house intriguing. It was designed by William Thornton the first architect of the United States Capitol. The building features different shapes professionally incorporated into the design. If you are curious about paranormal activity, it has been rumored that the Octagon House is haunted, so feel free to explore.

Ford’s Theater

The Fords Theater is a great place to spend time watching some of the world’s best performances and events. You will have a nice time at this theater.

Jefferson Memorial

Visit the gigantic Jefferson memorial; you will be amazed at the architecture and monuments that make this landmark so exciting. At night, the Jefferson Memorial looks exceptionally beautiful from the professional lighting which artistically highlights the features of the memorial.

John F Kennedy Center for the Performing arts

This is another great place to spend quality time. You will be thrilled by the amazing display of talent and entertainment showcased by both the young and old people. There is also nice local restaurant around to have a good meal.

The Library of Congress

This is a huge library with so many books and a wealth of information about America and the entire world. You can spend a whole day at the library of Congress and still not be satisfied. There is also a reading room for children.

The U.S. National Arboretum

This is a natural garden which features rare and beautiful flowers as well and everyday flowers we see around every day. It is a well-tended garden, very beautiful and a great place to spend some time during your visit.

The National Gallery of Art East Building

Good food, nice environment, you will love spending time at the National Art Gallery. Notable works of notable artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Johannes Vermeer, Pablo Picasso, etc. are on display. Don’t forget to grab a map at the entrance, so you don’t get lost while admiring the amazing masterpieces.

There is more! Depending on how long you plan to stay in DC, there are many more places you can visit after going through my list. Feel free to explore the bars and clubs at night; DC is a wonderful place; it has something for everyone.

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