About us

Select Concierge

Select Concierge was established by guest service professionals with extensive experience in hospitality industry and one goal in mind – provide quality services to customers. The vast experience in hospitality industry gives Select Concierge a distinct advantage, the ability to understand customer needs and match them with the services that can meet those needs effectively.

Whether you are planning a getaway, a well-thought-about tour of the city, or are just looking for the best corporate dining options, we ensure that your needs are met to your satisfaction.

Select Concierge partners with service providers that hold repute and offer excellent customer services backed by reviews and unmatched track records. We carefully select service-providers and products that are “guaranteed to please”.

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Select Concierge

The digital world is so interconnected that it is easy to find anything you want. Now the question arises, if everything is readily available online, then why would you require even concierge services? Well, not all answers can be found on the Internet. Sometimes you need personalized answers to your specific query.

Being a concierge services provider since twenty years in premiere hotels in DC, I have been catering to the countless number of specific concierge related requests from the US and all over the world.

Our Mission

At Select concierge, our mission is to provide quality services to all our guests. We focus on all kinds of personal and professional needs for concierge services. And make conscious efforts to match them with the services and meet those needs effectively.

Our team carefully selects the service providers and travel-oriented products to live up to our customer’s expectations and demands. Stretching from specialized tours, Segway tours, private tours to transportation facilities, we cater to all kinds of travel needs and offer the finest and personalized experience to one and all.