Five Ways to Travel in Washington DC, During Cherry Blossom Festivals

Five Ways to Travel in Washington DC, During Cherry Blossom Festivals

Spring time in Washington DC is marked by the floral burst of vibrant shades of pink in the Tidal Basin region. The nature’s event welcomes tourists from various parts of the world to visit here and join the celebration of life. The 3,000 cherry blossom trees present a spectacular sight of blooming florals. Everyone gets into the spirit of celebrating the event with restaurants and hotels offering various perfectly themed packages at discounts.

Here are five ways to travel in Washington DC, during the Cherry Blossom festival.

1. Travel by Metro
Are you new to the Washington DC region? If yes, then Metrorail is a great option for touring the area. Metro does not stop directly at the Tidal Basin, you can exit the system at nearby locations such as Smithsonian (Blue, Silver, or Orange Lines), L’Enfant Plaza (Yellow or Green Lines), or even Arlington National Cemetery (Blue Line).

Based on your plans, you can easily stopover at your favorite museum, memorial, or can even witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

2. Travel by Bus

The DC Circulator can be another great option to get around the mall, it follows the route that takes visitors directly to the Tidal Basin. The National Mall route starts at Union Station and runs along the National Mall, Constitution Avenue, Ohio Drive (i.e., Tidal Basic, Lincoln Memorial), and can be picked on stops with DC Circulator sign at a designated bus stop.

The cost of travel is $1, accepted by both SmarTrip card and cash. No change is given, so if you pay with cash make sure you have exact change.

3. Travel by Capital Bikeshare
Another easy way to get around DC and Arlington County is the Capital Bikeshare, which can be a great fun. Visitors can use a bike and dock it at any station they reach, in the DC Metro region. There are over 500 stations and more than 4,300 bikes in the system. The important thing to remember is that Capital Bikeshare is a transit system and should not be considered a bike rental. You may return your Capital Bikeshare bike to any station once you’ve arrived at your destination, then check one out again, when you’re ready to roll.

The cost of single trip is $2, or you may purchase a 24-hour pass for $8. Arrive in less than 30 minutes per trip, and you’ll only pay $8 all day. Ride for longer than 30 minutes and usage fees will apply.

Tip: During the Cherry Blossom festival, special bike corrals will be available during peak visitor hours.

4. Travel by E-Scooter
This is one of the newest modes of transport, available for residents and visitors in Arlington and Washington, DC. There are several companies that operate in the region. The most important thing to learn are the rules followed here. You can visit to learn where to ride in Arlington County (sidewalks are off limits in certain jurisdictions) and where to park in Washington, DC (you can’t leave them on national park grounds, such as the National Mall or any of the memorials).

Prices for e-scooters vary per company. Generally, it is $1.00 to unlock and $0.15/minute to ride. Download the app for the e-scooter you want to ride for more details.

5. Travel by Water Shuttle
This is a lesser known mode of travel. The Cherry Blossoms are accessible by water taxi from Georgetown, Alexandria and National Harbor. There are great dining cruise options.
The cost of a water taxi is $25.00 for adults, $12.00 for kids (return trip). The water taxi must be booked online and in advance.

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