Things to Know About Passport DC Event in May

Things to Know About Passport DC Event in May

Imagine you’re on a world tour, exploring vivid cultures, enjoying festivals, exhibitions, workshops and what not! But before that, you would require a lot of mugging up of your head to get a package that contains all that is required.

Well, you actually don’t need to! All you need to do is, visit Washington DC during this wonderful season that buzzes with the month-long Passport DC festival! Enjoy the authentic annual celebration of international culture in Washington DC.

Passport DC is a month-long festival celebrated in the month of May, to pay tribute to the blooming international culture of Washington DC. You can enjoy touring around the embassies of DC and cultural organizations and be a part of hundreds of events including exhibitions, performances, and street festivals.

This month-long celebration is a great opportunity to explore and enjoy the captivating DC’s cultural event. You may also consider this as your chance to engage with different people of different nationalities.

The annual Passport DC event is of 31 days, from May 1-31. The first two Saturdays in May are allotted for embassy open houses. In this festival, you can take advantage of two opportunities to ramble inside a foreign embassy. First, during “Around The World Embassy Tour” in the first week of May, 2019, and another during the EU Open House on May 11, 2019. The festival further extends to the Embassy Chef Challenge, an astonishing and touching tribute to international cuisine on May 18, 2019.

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But, before you step into this month-long event, there are few things you should know about Passport DC.

Embassies Open their Doors for Visitors to Walkthrough and Explore

Have you ever had a thought of taking a walk into any embassy? If you visit DC in May, you can surely, roam across the embassy row and explore embassies in the DC.

As part of the festival, over more than 40 embassies will open their doors for visitors during “Around the World Embassy Tour” on first Saturday of May, from morning 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Most of the embassies are lodged on Embassy Row, which is situated across Massachusetts Avenue NW and International Drive NW. Take a walk across the embassy row and explore the history of embassies and diplomatic instances. Take a walk across the embassy row and experience the art, music, dance, fashion, and food of the countries around the orb.

Enjoy a Beeline to Europe: A Unique Opportunity to Experience Culture, Heritage and Traditions

Europe is one of the best travel destinations in the world!

Historical monuments, rich past and nature’s exclusive blessing is what makes Europe the most loved destination for travellers. You might also want to explore and feel the beauty of landscapes of Europe.

But, how can one Europe while being in Washington DC.? How’s that possible?

Of course, it is possible! Without even leaving from the DC region, you can enjoy the bliss of nature and landscapes of Europe, during Passport DC festival. The month engages all European Union Member Nations, from Ireland and Italy to Spain and Slovakia, in this citywide open house event.

Nearly 28-member nation’s embassies welcome visitors and open their doors for Walkthroughs on May 11, 2019, from morning 10 am to 4 pm. On this auspicious day, you can experience the country’s cultural heritage and enjoy the stunning European sights without having to face any jetlag.

It’s a wonderful chance to discover Europe without leaving Washington DC.

Flower Mart at National Cathedral

Who doesn’t like blooming flowers?

Enjoy the lifetime experience of festive foods, hand-crafted gifts, children’s rides and thousands of herbs and blooming flowers at the most historic landmarks. It is held in the first week of May.

In Flower Mart, you will find more than 80 booths providing jewellery, handbags, items for gardening and more. You can buy plants for gardening and an array of gardening tools as well.

Isn’t it exciting to climb a tower?
The Flower Mart weekend is the only time in the year, when people can enjoy the Tower Climb. It’s a tour which offers you a chance to climb more than 300 steps to visit the National Cathedral Tower, more than 200 feet up.

Children can also have fun enjoying other activities including a puppet show, and carnival rides. This is not a free event; you will be required to buy tickets from the ticket booth in the children’s area.

Enjoy the Fiesta Asia Street Fair with your dear ones

Creativity is about one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul! This makes Fiesta Asia Street Fair, one of the most interesting events of Passport DC festival.

The fair embarked in 2006, will be entering its 13th annual celebration, this year. You can enjoy the Street Fair in front of the Capitol Hill.

The fair comprises of many fun-filled events that you will really love, including live performances, outdoor craft shows, martial arts demonstration, cooking demo, food, a talent show and much more.

This year too, thousands of artisans, performers will be participating in the festivities.

It’s free and open to all. So, save the date May 18, 2019, and capture vivid cultural sights.

No Ticket is Required

This unique month-long event is free and open to all including couples, groups, children, and individuals. The entire month is celebrated to enjoy culture, music, art, fashion, cuisines and lots more, through these programs.

Most of the events of Passport DC festival are free.

This annual event is celebrated every year in Washington DC to showcase culture, art, food, dance, music and lots more that you certainly wouldn’t want to give a miss!

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