Washington DC Basics

Washington DC Basics

Washington DC or the District of Columbia is the nation’s home. No matter the purpose, every one that comes to DC is coming home. It is the place where the nation’s most pressing work is done. It is where The White house, home of the leader of the free world, the President of the United States resides. It is a place where the nation conducts the most important diplomatic, trade, political, economic and most importantly national security matters are handled. It is place where legislators from all 52 states congregate to craft the nation’s laws in The Capitol. It is home of the Supreme Court. It is a place where the nation’s most important documents are archived in the National Archives. It is a place where the history of the nation is reflected in the most effective way. It is a place of arts, entertainment, museums, dining and robust night life that attracts the world. Washington DC is the most important city in the US and by extension the world.

DC attracts people from all walks of life. People come for official visit, conventions, work all day and sometimes want to sneak-in evening tours to see sites. It could be grandparents that want to treat grand kids for vacation. It could be a couple that want to get away for the weekend. It could be a family that visits DC to learn history in short time. It could be a student group that wants to visit and experience DC while learning important history and try to understand how the nation’s functions.

No matter the purpose, planning is key to a successful visit. Even if trips are decided in a whim, one must factor in all the important questions and plan to maximize on the use of time and expenses.

It is often hard to create a list of the things one wants to accomplish, prioritize, and create effective approach to maximize the effectiveness of your visit.

Therefore, and to simplify; the most important questions are:

How many Days are you spending? What do you want to see? What is your budget? How many people in the party? What is your priority? Where do you want to stay? How do you plan to move around, Transportation? What airport are you landing? Are you driving? How about meals?

When one can answer these and related questions reasonably well, then, what is left is the implementation of the plan in the most effective and budget smart way. This could seem overwhelming but everything is possible. With correct planning, in one day, one can visit major key attractions and gain more than expected.

Absent of effective planning, chances are you will not get accurate view of what the nation’s Capital is all about.

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